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Hair Styling

We Aim to provide you with a tailored hair cut to suit your everyday needs. We ensure that during consultation we give the best advice to achieve a manageable style with homecare advice to maintain your new look. 


Dying Hair

We offer  numerous  amount of colour techniques to our clients from simple root touch ups to intricate Balayage services. During consultation we discuss your individual colour requirements that will suit you and your skin tone. 

All customers are required to have Patch tests at least 48 hours prior to any colouring service.




Long Hair

Keratin Blow-drys are a wonderful way to ease frizz and bulk in your hair. Designed to make the hair smoother and easier to style. We use the wonderful brand Keratin Complex which offer 3 treatments in the range. During consultation we pick the best one suited for your hair type and needs. Keratin treatments are not a straightening system but will help create smoother shiner hair for long periods of time whilst repairing your hair with the keratin.


Hair Styling

As well as Styling your hair for everyday occasions with simple but glamourous blow-dries we also style hair for weddings, proms and parties. Tongs,curlers,rollers you name it we have it to achieve your desired look. 



Hair Dying

We offer deep conditioning treatments to help with any hair concerns you hair. 

We use Olaplex as a stand alone and in colour treatment service, great for repair very damages hair or saving it through the bleaching process. 

Alternatively use L'oreal conditioning masks which help repair and ass moisture.

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